Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridge in bayside, ny

Seamless Aesthetics, Lasting Strength: Benefits of Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges

Unlock the secret to seamless aesthetics and lasting strength by delving into the numerous benefits that Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges bring to your dental experience.
  • Durability Beyond Compare: Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges boast unmatched strength, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient dental solution.
  • Beyond Traditional Bridges: Choose Monolithic Zirconia for a dental solution that transcends traditional methods, offering enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Confidence in Every Smile: Monolithic Zirconia bridges the gap between strength and beauty, instilling confidence in every smile you share.
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    Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges

    Embark on a journey of dental excellence with Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges, where lasting strength, seamless aesthetics, and enhanced comfort converge for a transformative smile.
    Embark on a journey to discover the unparalleled advantages of Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges, where cutting-edge technology meets aesthetic brilliance, promising a dental transformation beyond compare.

    How Is It Different From Dental Implants?

    The Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges has revolutionized tooth replacement, offering advantages beyond traditional dental implants with crowns. Embrace the future of dental technology for a brighter, more reliable smile.

    How Is The Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges Different From Dentures?

    The Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges is a revolutionary alternative to traditional dentures, offering unparalleled durability and stability. Here’s why it stands out:

    Experience Monolithic Brilliance: Reserve Your Zirconia Implant Consultation

    Reserve your consultation and experience the brilliance of Monolithic Zirconia Implants—a revolutionary dental solution that prioritizes strength, aesthetics, and your lasting confidence.

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    Download our Free Dental Implant Pricing & Information Guide!

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    What Is The Cost?

    We would love to give you a price, but the reality is there are so many variables that go into dental implant treatment. Each case is truly unique and it would be irresponsible for us to “throw out a number.”
    If you are interested in the Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges procedure, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gary Bram. At that time, Dr. Bram will be able to give you an idea of what you can expect regarding the costs associated with the Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges procedure.

    Am I A Candidate For A Full Mouth Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges?

    If you are missing several teeth and are looking for the best option to restore your smile, you’re likely a great candidate for the Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridge.
    The only way to know for sure is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bram. Dr. Bram will review your dental history, explain the procedure in full detail, and answer any and all questions that you have regarding the Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridge, dental implants, or anything else related to the procedures offered at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram.
    To learn more about the Monolithic Zirconia Implant Bridges procedure or to schedule your consultation, give our dentist office near you call today! We are conveniently located in Bayside, NY.

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    Dr. Gary Bram


    Dr. Gary Bram passionately believes in providing everyone with a beautiful and healthy smile, offering exceptional dental experiences. He dedicates time to discuss treatment plans, ensuring well-informed decisions. Committed to giving back, Dr. Bram volunteers in the Dominican Republic, providing essential dental care through Implant Seminars.


    To stay abreast of the latest standards, Dr. Bram actively participates in continuing education courses, seminars, and conferences. His commitment to innovation and technology has earned him recognition as a leading cosmetic dentist in Bayside and the Tri state area, featured in local media. Notably, Dr. Bram holds an advanced proficiency certification in laser dentistry, specializing in a revolutionary cosmetic treatment for dark gums. This laser technique offers a less invasive alternative to gum grafting, providing natural-looking results with reduced discomfort
    and quicker healing time.

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    Stories With Every Smile

    Our patients speak from the heart. Explore genuine stories of transformed smiles and renewed confidence. Join the chorus of satisfied smiles that testify to the excellence of Dental Expressions.

    Always pleasure to come to this office. The staff is amazing and doctor Bram is the best!

    Svetlana Vaksman

    4 weeks ago
    Exceptional! The staff is wonderful the office is beautiful! Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

    Zulma Vera

    4 weeks ago
    Dr. Gary Bram and his team at Dental Expressions have completely changed my perception of dental care. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and at ease. The office is immaculate, creating a serene atmosphere that immediately alleviated any anxiety I had about my visit. Dr. Bram’s expertise is excellent. He took the time to thoroughly explain each procedure, ensuring I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence are evident in the outstanding results I’ve achieved.

    Gail Katsnelson

    2 months ago
    Very pleasant experience – great staff extremely professional office – Dr Bram took his time explaining exactly what my procedure would entail- I have already referred a friend- I had upper implants which was a procedure that took 4 months to complete – Dr Bram is truly amazing – not only is he an amazing dentist but a great guy- as you can see from the below photo he did an awesome job- he also has an amazing staff – the best experience I have ever had going to the dentist – highly highly recommend if you need this type of dental work done look no further than Dr. Gary Bram and his awesome team – I could not be happier

    Joe Marra

    5 months ago
    I’ve been seeing Dr. Bram for many years and am very happy with the care he is providing. Dr. Bram is very professional and knowledgeable. His office has all the modern equipment, and he is using the latest methods of dental treatment. His staff is very friendly and accommodating. The office is clean and the waiting time is minimal. I strongly recommend this doctor to anyone who is looking for an exceptional service.

    Irina Sheynzilberg

    5 months ago
    Dr. B. Is sincere in my wellbeing…explains all procedures in lay men’s terms…Dr. B. has a great attention to every detail…he’s backed by a very friendly & attentive staff…kudos all around…many thanks!

    Paul Kelly

    5 months ago
    Went in for a dental cleaning and ended up needing a root canal. Dr bram and his staff are absolutely fantastic ! They accommodated me last minute. The hygienist were so friendly and the office manager Tory made the whole process so smooth. I highly recommend this office for anyone looking for dental work.

    Victoria Hurst

    5 months ago
    I have been going to dental expressions along with my family for 20+ years now. They’ve never given us a reason to switch practitioners. Dr. Bram and his lovely staff have offered consistent professional services and a family friendly environment that is passionate about doing whats best for your teeth, smile, and health.

    Michaelangelo Tenorio

    6 months ago
    I met Dr. Bram for the first time today for a 2nd opinion and consultation (which was free) for an extraction and either an implant or bridge. He is a gentleman, so calming and soft spoken, he thoroughly explained all the procedures, the pros and cons and made me feel very comfortable and took away whatever anxiety I had from the mishandling at my dentist’s office. His office is immaculate and his staff is friendly and competent. I wish I had gone to him years ago!

    A F

    6 months ago

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