Technology has a significant impact on many dental treatments. Both dentists and their patients can benefit from technology, as procedures become less invasive and more precise. This innovative advancement in dental implant technology is part of a ground-breaking trend in computer-aided dental surgery.

Dental implants are replacement roots that provide a foundation for artificial teeth. These artificial teeth can be used to replace ones that have been lost due to advanced decay, injury, or other factors. Navi-Dent is a cutting-edge device for implant placement in dental patients. We are proud to be the only practice to offer this dental implant technology in Queens, NY.

What Is Navi-Dent?

Navi-Dent is a safe, innovative, dynamic surgical navigation system designed to enhance implant dentistry. Navi-Dent enables a minimally invasive method of dental implant placement that is more accurate and versatile than free-hand implant surgery, with excellent results in aesthetics and oral functions.

Dr. Bram will utilize Navi-Dent for your dental implant procedure in three steps. First, your diagnostic information will be collected, and a treatment plan will be calculated. Second, Navi-Dent’s technology will accurately trace your implants in preparation for surgery. Finally, the Navi-Dent system will guide the placement of your implants with efficiency and precision.

It’s important for patients to understand that the purpose of this technology is to be a surgical navigation guide, like a GPS. Our dentist near you is in control of the procedure at all times, ensuring patient safety and professional results.

Benefits of Navi-Dent

Navi-Dent provides many benefits for our patients and dentist in Queens, NY. In addition to optimizing the dental implant procedure, Navi-Dent offers these benefits as well:

  • Minimizes risks of complications
  • Faster healing
  • Affordability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced accuracy

Missing one or more permanent teeth can be uncomfortable, stressful, and affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution for tooth loss and function the same as your natural teeth.

Our dental care team offers the most innovative, technologically advanced procedures to our patients. Contact our office for more information about our dental implant technology near you.