How Do You Respond To Dental Emergencies? [QUIZ]

If you and the kids were out in the backyard enjoying a lively game of catch in the warm summer sun, would you know what to do if one of you were struck by a ball or tripped and fell face first onto the concrete patio? Answer the questions on our quiz to see if you would respond effectively to a dental emergency! Being armed with the right ...

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Preventive Dentistry Flashback [VIDEO]

We recommend scheduling dental cleanings and exams twice a year because these routine preventive dentistry checkups are one of the keys to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile in tip-top shape. Speaking of continued smile success, in today’s vintage video clip from the ADA, you’ll get some sound dental advice from a charismatic ...

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More Good News About Clear Aligners [BLOG]

Regardless of your age or background, you deserve a smile that does not look crooked, crowded, or gapped. You also deserve a dentist who cares enough about your health and appearance to help you address your orthodontic concerns in a way that makes sense for your unique situation. The good news is that we can make your smile transformation happen ...

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The Place For Teeth Whitening In Bayside NY [VIDEO]

With a professional teeth whitening treatment from our office, you can ensure that your smile is in tip-top shape for summer weddings, reunions, graduations and the like. This is a fast, safe, and effective treatment that will allow you to test out our smile makeover solutions. To take the next step toward a brighter, whiter smile, all you ...

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Oral Cancer: Knowing The Risks [INFOGRAPHIC]

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This kind of cancer is easy to treat and contain when caught early enough. That’s why our team wanted to make sure you are informed about the risk factors and also how to best keep your oral health on track as life goes on. We encourage you to have a look at today’s infographic to see some of the things ...

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Bad Breath Is Never Good [VIDEO]

By planning to visit our office every 3-6 months to receive a professional teeth cleaning and thorough dental exam, you can help yourself steer clear of gum disease and other oral health problems that cause bad breath and worse. Check out this informative video clip below, in which the ADA relays some of the possible causes of bad breath. This ...

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Boost Your Confidence With Professional Teeth Whitening [BLOG]

If yellow teeth have you feeling a little blue, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are concerned about their yellow, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth. But there is some good news at least, in that this is a relatively easy fix for a dentist. Our professional teeth whitening solutions can provide a safe an effective program through ...

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More Preventive Dentistry Solutions From Bayside NY [VIDEO]

This is a great time to think about your preventive dentistry plan for the rest of the year. Our dental exams and professional teeth cleanings will do a lot of good for your smile, but only if you are making the effort to come get those treatments every 3-6 months. And what you are doing at home matters a lot, too. So, please spend a few ...

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Eat & Be Merry With Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Does anything taste better than that first bite of your favorite dish? It’s especially good when you’re eating it again for the first time in months or years. That’s an experience that patients with no teeth or traditional dentures have been able to enjoy with the benefit of full-mouth reconstruction. You can eat the foods that you ...

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Can You Spot The Signs Of Gum Disease? [QUIZ]

If you’re brushing and flossing as you should, and keeping up with routine dental cleanings and exams, you’re already at an advantage in preventing gum disease. But that doesn’t mean it won’t sneak up on you in between your dental visits! Take today’s quiz, courtesy of Dental Expressions, and see if you can spot any signs of gum ...

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