Dental Bridges in Bayside, NY

Dental Bridges in Bayside, NY

Dr. Gary Bram is a compassionate and accomplished dentist near you who can help restore your smile with the best bridges in Bayside, NY. When you choose Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, you can trust that our talented team will work hard to provide you the attention you need for a beautiful, complete smile.

Our dentist in Bayside, NY, understands the importance of healthy, functional teeth. If you are interested in dental bridges near you, it’s time you called the professionals at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram. We strive to deliver exceptional dental care to all of our patients.

Don’t let your missing or damaged teeth get you down any longer. Let us restore your teeth to their natural beauty so you can have the confidence to smile again!

What Is It?

When you have gaps between your teeth, whether due to missing teeth or abnormal growth, you need a treatment option that will fill the empty space; dental bridges are the perfect dental solution for this common concern.

Bridges are made of long-lasting, strong, and durable compounds that will provide you with years of service and beauty. Not only can you look forward to speaking more clearly, but you will also be able to eat the foods you want without pain and discomfort.

Who Needs Bridges?

Patients elect for dental bridges for many reasons. Below are some of the most common:

  • Restore facial structure
  • Repair a broken crown
  • Restore missing teeth
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Fill a gap in teeth

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Dental bridge treatment is completed over the course of two visits. During your first appointment, Dr. Gary Bram will prepare your anchor teeth so that they are ready to accept the new dental bridge.

You will then come back in for a second appointment, at which time the dentist will place the bridge between your anchor teeth. Each appointment takes around 1 to 1 ½ hours.

If you’re ready to meet with Dr. Gary Bram, call our office to arrange for a consultation so we can discuss the best treatment option for your needs. We hope to hear from you soon!