I’m In Pain or Have Discomfort

Banish Dental Pain in Bayside

If your mouth is hurting, you can say goodbye to dental pain in Bayside with expert smile care from Dr. Gary Bram. We offer same-day emergency appointments. We’ll make ourselves available to help you – if we’re open, then we can fit you in that day to get you out of pain. Below are some advantages of urgent smile care from Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram:

  • Exceptional dental experiences through skilled diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up
  • Extended consultations as needed to make sure you understand all your options
  • Comforting amenities like massage chairs and blankets
  • A caring, friendly team who will go the extra mile to get you out of pain
  • Advanced, patient-friendly dental technology to aid in precise treatment

Stop the pain. Call us now to schedule an appointment. You’ll find excellent care at our office, just down the street from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Experience a Mouth Free From Pain

There are many reasons you might need relief from dental discomfort. Your pain could be from a toothache, an injury, or TMJ disorder. No matter the reason, we have the expertise and technology needed to relieve your pain and keep your smile intact. Below are a few treatments we may use to help you feel better:

  • Root Canal Treatment – We will stop your pain by cleaning out and sealing your infected tooth’s root canals. Your tooth can usually remain in place, helping maintain your biting and chewing power.
  • Oral Surgery – Laser-assisted canker sore removal, gum grafts, and other procedures can bring relief and help your mouth begin the healing process.
  • TMJ Treatment – A custom mouthguard will gently adjust the position of your jaw to reduce or eliminate TMJ pain.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges – Dr. Bram can repair damaged and diseased teeth to make eating easier and prevent additional dental problems.
  • Teeth Extractions – We will gently remove your tooth (including wisdom teeth) to stop your pain and protect your other teeth from damage.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Our gentle laser removes damaged gum tissue, putting your gums back on track for good health.

We’ll end your dental pain in Bayside! Call us now to get the relief you need.