Get Answers to Your Bayside Dental Questions

If you have questions about your smile care, you’re not alone. Many patients do, so we’ve compiled a list of common Bayside dental questions. If yours isn’t listed, call us today and a member of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Should I worry about bleeding or swollen gums?

Bleeding or swollen gums are not normal. In fact, this problem is a sign of gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The early stages of gum disease can be reversed, but advanced gum disease is not curable.

To help patients minimize the dangers of gum disease, we use state-of-the-art laser therapy to remove the infection from the gums. The laser is gentle and works fast, even increasing overall recovery times.

Can I get dental implants?

The large majority of people can benefit from today’s modern dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, there are some considerations; the thickness and strength of the bone that will support the implants are the most important. Dr. Gary Bram can perform a thorough examination and take detailed images to determine whether dental implants are right for you.

Implant placement is much more precise with the help of our Navident dynamic navigation system. We can plan your implant procedure and deliver incredibly reliable results for our patients. Ask us how Navident will ensure the excellent results you are looking for.

Do you have a way to straighten my teeth without metal braces?

Yes, we certainly do. Invisalign is an innovative teeth straightening treatment that uses smooth, plastic aligners. They are metal-free and very comfortable. And since they’re crafted out of clear material, they’re nearly invisible – other people will probably not notice them unless you point them out. Best of all, you could complete Invisalign treatment by this time next year!

How can you help me overcome my fear of dental work?

Our team works hard each day to provide a relaxing dental experience to each patient. When you set foot in our cozy, historic building, you’ll feel the difference right away. Compassionate staff members will greet you warmly and make you feel at home. During your treatment you can take advantage of warming massage chairs and soft blankets to help you relax. Plus, Dr. Bram and our staff are always available to answer questions or to help however possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Dr. Bram wants to make it easy for our patients to receive comprehensive smile care in one location. We accept a variety of payment methods to make that happen. Choose cash, checks, major credit cards, in-house financing, and third-party financing through CareCredit and Lending Club. If you have any questions about payment or financing, call us at 718-395-5331 and our staff will be glad to get you answers.