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Which Teeth Whitening Is Best?

Have you been torn between different approaches for teeth whitening near you? It can get overwhelming when you have to make all decisions on your own. However, you can lighten your burden by consulting a dentist in Bayside dentistry. Alternatively, you can do due diligence to look into the different approaches to teeth whitening in Bayside before you choose the most suitable one for you.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is any procedure or process that can noticeably improve your teeth’ color. Teeth whitening protocols differ depending on the differing preferences. Some people can whiten their teeth at home, while others entrust dental experts to do all the heavy lifting.

Understanding Natural Remedies for Whitening Teeth

Not everyone desires to visit a dentist near them for teeth whitening treatments. In such cases, people try various do-it-yourself remedies to reduce yellowing and brighten their smiles. Some of the natural approaches people opt for to whiten their teeth are:

  1. Baking soda paste – people cite that baking soda is abrasive enough to remove surface stains that discolor teeth.
  2. Oil pulling – entails swishing coconut oil in the mouth for a few minutes to break down plaque and whiten teeth.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide rinse – hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in breaking down stains on teeth.

Whitening Teeth in Modern Dentistry

When you approach our dental offices at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram for teeth whitening, we will recommend three main options:

  1. Enamel bleaching – is commonly known as professional teeth whitening. It is the most common approach for whitening teeth in dentistry. The procedure entails bleaching enamels using dental bleachers that break down intrinsic stains. The process is quick and effective, deriving tremendous results in about 45 minutes.
  2. At-home teeth whitening – sometimes, we recommend an at-home whitening kit to our patients. It is typical when you have stubborn stains on your teeth that do not dissipate after the in-office enamel bleaching. Besides, we also administer the kit to patients to help them sustain their new teeth’ color for long. The whitening kit will contain a few strips you will use on your teeth at home to continue the bleaching process. We will give you adequate instructions regarding the usage of the at-home whitening kit.
  3. Whitening dental restorations – sometimes, all your need is a cosmetic dentist to intervene in your quest to brighten your smile. In cosmetic dentistry, you can whiten your teeth using dental veneers or composite bonding. Dental veneers are tooth-shaped porcelain shells that cover the front portion of your tooth, masking the underlying stains. Composite bonding, on the other hand, entails a tooth-colored composite resin adhered to your natural tooth structure to cover the eminent stains. These teeth whitening alternatives are ideal for patients with very obstinate stains that do not respond well to enamel bleaching.

Which Teeth Whitening Solution Should You Choose?

When choosing the best dental treatment for brightening your smile, you must consider various factors, including the following:

  1. Effectiveness – how effective will the procedure be in achieving the results you want? Many natural teeth whitening approaches are not as effective in breaking down stains and evenly whitening teeth. Professional teeth whitening, composite bonding, and dental veneers have excellent results in the final appearance of your smile.
  2. Safety – even though you are consumed with brightening your smile, it must not be at the expense of your oral or general health. Professional teeth whitening employs special dental products with regulated concentrations of whitening agents to assure your teeth’ safety. Besides, the dentist will protect your gums well before beginning the bleaching process.
  3. Speed of the treatment – how long must you wait before you can finally flaunt a brighter and whiter smile? Many natural teeth whitening remedies take time before you notice any improvements in your appearance. You will need to keep repeating the processes over a long period before your teeth are satisfactorily white.
  4. Duration of the results – will you need retreatment after a month or two? The best kind of treatment should give your long-lasting results. Professional teeth whitening can last up to 6 months or longer before you need retreatments. Dental veneers and composite bonding last a lot longer, usually years.

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