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Trade Metal Braces For Clear Aligners

You know you don’t like your smile’s appearance, and you hate the thought of wearing traditional metal brackets and wires for two years. So, what can you do? Well, we think you really should consider the Invisalign clear aligners program that you can start this summer with our own Dr. Gary Bram leading the way. In fact, here at Dental Expressions of Bayside, NY, we have seen time and time again how Invisalign has improved the process of shifting teeth for adults and older teens, radically changing the lives of countless patients along the way. Keep reading to hear more about it, and then give us a call at 718-395-5331 to see if you are a good candidate for an alternative orthodontic solution.

The Pros And Cons Of Classic Braces

Old-school metallic braces are a time-tested method of moving teeth into their proper alignment. Even nowm for more severe cases, such metal-based braces may be the best bet. Obviously braces can do an excellent job, they do, however, come with a lot of inherent problems.

The “metal mouth” syndrome is a well-known disadvantage that has turned into a pop culture stereotype over the years. Fortunately, some of today’s metal braces actually use tooth-colored brackets and wires. That reduces the negative impact when you smile, and the extent of the name-calling, but the braces are still less than discreet.

Beyond that, just having metal in your mouth can irritate and even cut your tongue, gums, and the insides of your mouth. That’s definitely not anything you’d want to experience for 2-3 long years.

There is also a limited menu with braces. Food restrictions must be adhered to and extra care must be taken when eating some foods. Braces are also difficult to keep clean. You’ll have to pack special tools around with you.

Last but not least, traditional braces require a lot of time away from work or school on account of the frequent visits to the dentist to tighten the wires that do the work of moving teeth. Adding insult to injury, tightening the wires may result in pain that lasts for several days, further interrupting your life.

The Invisalign Difference

By contrast to everything we just told you, Invisalign clear aligners are made from a smooth plastic that won’t irritate or cut the insides of your mouth. The removable aligners fit snugly over your teeth and are virtually invisible to the outside world.

You get to take a break from your gear for part of every day, and you can remove the aligners to eat any and all of the foods you love. To care for your teeth, you just proceed with your home hygiene work as you usually would.

Here’s the deal: roughly every two weeks, you’ll replace the current aligner with the next aligner in your customized series. Your new aligner continues the work of moving your teeth into the desired position comfortably and invisibly. This takes the place of in-office adjustments, saving you loads of time.

Speaking of time, Invisalign treatment is usually wrapped up in one year, which compares very favorably to the two years or longer that braces typically take to move teeth.

You’ll have some appointments to keep with Dr. Bram to check your progress during your orthodontic treatment, but as long as things keep moving along according to plan, there shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Will Invisalign Work For Me?

We hope so! Invisalign can correct a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. However, there’s no way to be certain if Invisalign is the right solution for you without a thorough clear aligners examination by Dr. Gary Bram. Call Dental Expressions in Bayside, NY at 718-395-5331 or fill out our online form to request that easy initial appointment. This time next year, you could have your new and improved smile!

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