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Tips For A Smooth Recovery After Oral Surgery

No, none of us likes the thought of oral surgery at a time like this.

Do these things happen anyway?


As much as we’d like to be able to avoid them, we all know that medical and dental problems can happen to anyone at any time.

To give you an idea of why you might need oral surgery, here are a few common dental problems that may require it:

An infected tooth

Preparing for, or placing, a dental implant

Impacted wisdom teeth

A damaged tooth that requires extraction

If you need oral surgery, you don’t have to worry about it throwing your holiday plans upside down.

Our team of experienced professionals in Bayside, NY will make sure your procedure is as positive, stress-free, and comfortable as possible!

Tips For A Smooth Recovery After Oral Surgery

Oral surgery at Dental Expressions is routine for our highly-skilled dentists, so you can expect a smooth procedure in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

But here are some tips that will help you plan ahead for a smooth recovery, as well!

Read Your Post-Op Instructions Early

Read your post-op instructions from your Bayside, NY dentist as soon as you get them. That way you’ll have plenty of time to contact us before your procedure if you have any questions or concerns.

Buy Groceries Before Your Surgery

A couple of days before your procedure, make a trip to the grocery store for soft, bland foods. You may not feel like eating during your recovery, but it’s important to keep your strength up and to do so with food that’s easy for you to eat.

Pudding, applesauce, soup, mashed potatoes, and yogurt are all good options that require little-to-no prep time in the kitchen.

Stock Your Freezer

Your dentist may prescribe pain medication if necessary, or you can have OTC pain relievers on hand should you need it. But another way you can stay comfortable after oral surgery is to stock your freezer with cold packs to reduce any swelling you might have.

Gather What You Need For Entertainment

You didn’t want it to happen, but it did. But admit it, with the holiday hustle and bustle, isn’t it kind of nice to have an excuse to slow down and rest?

To make sure you get that rest, gather everything you think you might need to entertain yourself while you recoup.

Books, magazines, tablets, your phone, chargers, and the remote should all be within hands reach by your bed or couch, depending on where you plan on spending most of your time.

Schedule Your Procedure!

Your oral health needs don’t care what time of year it is, so while we hope you don’t have to deal with a dental problem during the holidays, you have our tips for a smooth recovery if the need for oral surgery derails your plans.

Call Dental Expressions in Bayside, NY today at 718-395-5331 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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