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Save Your Smile With Clear Aligners

Well, another summer has almost passed us by. There’s not much we can do about that, but there is plenty we can do to make sure you aren’t in the same embarrassing boat this time next year, in terms of your smile, that is. By visiting our Bayside, NY dentist’s office for a safe and effective orthodontic treatment, you could actually transform your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth once and for all. That’s right, with a program called Invisalign, we can make use of clear aligners to achieve the dramatic results you desire without the need for adult braces. Keep reading to hear to hear more about this awesome alternative to metal brackets and wires, and then be sure to call us at 718-395-5331 to request your Invisalign clear aligners consultation today.

Orthodontics Made Easy

Conventional braces can still get the job done. For some folks, with severe issues, it is even the best path forward. That said, we all know that it won’t be an easy journey. And not all patients are willing to take it.

By contrast, Invisalign makes it a more enjoyable process, because, as we mentioned, it uses clear aligners to get you where you want to go. These are built from a comfortable plastic material, rather than those harsh metal brackets and wires that irritate your mouth. As such, there should not be any bleeding or sores associated with your Invisalign hardware. And because the hardware is clear, no one will have to know what you are doing.

With Aligners, You Eat What You Want

Old-school metal brackets and wires will have to stay in place in your mouth for the entire duration of the treatment. And that usually means 2-3 long years. If you had to wear braces, there are many things you wouldn’t be able to eat along the way. Plus, you’d need to pack special tools for removing the things you could eat from your gear.

However, with aligners, you just remove the Invisalign hardware whenever you are about to enjoy a meal. When you are through breaking bread, you just brush and floss your teeth like normal. Here’s the only catch: you do need to be wearing your aligners for most of the day (22 hours or so) every day.

Faster Results Than Braces

Everyone has a unique set of smile circumstances. Still, we’ll be able to give you a pretty close idea of how long these clear aligners will take for you when you come in for your initial chat with Dr. Bram. With any luck, you’ll be smiling big in only about 12 months, give or take! In any event, isn’t it about time to move forward with your complimentary orthodontic consultation?

Call For Your New Smile

We hope you have been inspired by the possibilities discussed in today’s post. Request your Invisalign clear aligners consultation appointment in Bayside, NY by calling 718-395-5331. Dr. Bram will set things straight for you! Just so you know, our Queens office is located just a few blocks from Crocheron Park.

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