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Oral Health in the Summertime

Summer is a fun-yet-busy time for many families. School is out and the kids are ready to enjoy their break. Trying to manage your busy schedule, while also keeping your kids happy and healthy, can be a strenuous task and oral care might be the last thing on your mind. Keeping your teeth healthy, and avoiding toothaches, will make summer more enjoyable for both you and them. Follow these tips to keep those pearly whites clean this summer.

Remember the Basics

With camps, swimming parties, and seemingly endless activities, it is easy for your kids to get caught up in the excitement. Remind the little ones to stick to their oral health routine, burhs and floss, morning and night. Remembering to brush and floss can play a big role in keeping up their oral health during the summer, when their lives are filled with more sweets and fun. While you are reminding them, don’t forget to keep up the routine yourself. To get the oral health excitement started, throw out old toothbrushes and let them pick out a new one. While you are at it, grab some travel brushes and floss to throw in travel bag for camps, vacations, sleepovers, and days spent away from home.

Drink Plenty of Water

Not only does water keep you hydrated and promote overall health, but it is good for oral hygiene as well. Drinking water keeps breath fresh, flushes out gross plaque-causing bacteria and sweeps away sugar that is clinging to your teeth.

Ditch the Sugary Sweet

In the summer heat, it is easy to snack on cool sweets such as popsicles and ice cream, and grab a cold soda to ‘hydrate.’ The overload of sugar in these sweets is damaging to teeth, increasing the chances of cavities and toothaches. Instead, ditch the processed sugar and go for vegetable and fruits that are naturally sweet. Frozen grapes and cold apples are refreshing and a great alternative to sugary popsicles.

Get Your Checkup at the Beginning of Summer

Start the summer out right, and get your family’s teeth checked before the activities start. Getting your teeth cleaned and checked at the beginning of summer gives your family a clean slate to start on, and ensures that there won’t be any toothaches while you are on vacation, or away at a camp. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bram at Dental Expressions and kick off your summer with clean and healthy teeth!

For any questions, summers tips, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Dental Expressions office at 718-395-5331!

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