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How Painful Is Getting Dentures?

Do you hesitate about having dentures? Dentures are ideal for replacing your teeth since the process is minimally-invasive. Additionally, if you have a missing or broken tooth, you can have dentures since the procedure is painless. Having dentures at Bayside may render you feeling sore. However, if your discomfort persists, you need to seek help from the dentist near you. Minor adjustments on your dentures may significantly cause changes in your feel and fit. Poorly fitting dentures may trap food debris between your teeth and irritate your gum tissues.

Do Dentures Hurt Upon Placement?

Once you have dentures near you for the first time, you’ll experience discomfort and soreness. Dentures are made of acrylic or plastic material that will likely cause friction on your gum tissues leading to soreness. In addition, dentures rub against your gum tissues or cheeks, leading to irritation. During the first few days, the experience can be daunting, but the feeling is suppressed upon proper adjustments.

It’s also crucial to consult your specialist on whether dentures are ideal for you. During your treatment, dentures are torn, and you may experience irritation or soreness. You should visit your dentist for adjustments.

When Do You Need Dentures?

Dentures are suitable for replacing your teeth that have been extracted or are missing. The prosthetics are naturally looking and comfortable on your soft oral tissues. Unlike other teeth replacement procedures, dentures are fast and non-invasive. Despite being uncomfortable during the early stages of placement, your gum tissues heal from irritation or discomfort.

You need to have dentures if gaps are left from missing teeth or traumatic injury that dislodges your tooth. The discomfort may fade within weeks based on your dental condition. However, failure to replace teeth may lead to bone deterioration, among other dental health issues.

You can have full or partial dentures based on your dental condition. At Bayside dentistry, we may extract your remaining teeth and replace them with full dentures. Your specialist may exempt you from having dentures if you have the following conditions:

  • Few remaining teeth that can’t support dental prosthetics
  • The gum tissues or teeth sockets are infected and can’t hold the natural teeth leading to loose teeth
  • Your natural teeth are in poor condition

While having dentures at Bayside, your specialist will decide whether to remove the remaining teeth or not. You must visit your dentist for further consultation if you have to undergo dental extraction. It’s also crucial to schedule an appointment after having dentures to check your progress.

How to Address Discomfort After Having Dentures

Dentures near you are painless, but your oral tissues must adapt to the changes. There are various options you can use to alleviate irritation or discomfort after having dentures for the first time, and some of the tips include:

  • Taking pain relievers- you can relieve pain or inflammation by taking over-the-counter medication
  • Use topical gel or cream- at Bayside dentistry, we recommend using gel or cream to alleviate your discomfort after dentures.
  • Denture adhesive: Loose dentures may cause friction and soreness, and using an adhesive can place them in the right position. Adhesives are ideal for minimizing discomfort.

It’s crucial to talk to your dentist concerning soreness, discomfort, or pain that you may be experiencing upon having dentures. Your specialist will examine the dentures at Bayside and plan for the ideal option to alleviate your discomfort.

What’s the Cost of Having Dentures

Dentures are made differently, and they vary in cost. The commonly used dentures include:

  • Partial dentures removable or fixed
  • Full dentures
  • Implant retained dentures
  • all-on-four dentures
  • Immediate dentures

The estimated average price for having dentures is around $1,000- $15,000 per arch. The type of denture, the complexity of the dental issue, and whether you need implants are some considered aspects in determining the cost of the dentures.

You’ll likely experience some discomfort after having new dentures, but your pain subsides with time. However, you must visit your oral health specialist if your pain persists. At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, we value dentures based on quality and type. Our specialists determine whether you can have dentures to replace your teeth based on your dental condition. So, you can regain your confident smile by using dentures today!

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