How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

March 1, 2022

Getting a dental extraction can be a challenging step to take most times. The thought that your natural tooth is about to go can send shivers down your spine. However, you can always take solace because tooth extraction is for the best. You might be curious about what comes next after a dental extraction. These include questions like “is my extracted tooth space going to remain empty for too long without a denture?”, “how long till I can get my dentures?’. Let’s get answers to these questions right away.

Dentures are detachable dental fixtures for missing teeth. They are often manufactured at a dental laboratory after the dentist has taken your dental measurements. Dental patients usually need them to bridge the gap between the missing tooth and the surrounding teeth, thereby giving the dental structure adequate support to perform its duties. Missing teeth affect speaking and chewing. However, a tooth that is severely infected or damaged might need to go to avoid additional damages. That doesn’t mean that the patient has to remain without a tooth or teeth, though. Your dentist would recommend various dental restorations, including dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures.

Types Of Dentures

Dentures are made in different to suit the dental patients that need them. Depending on the patient, a particular type of denture might be the best option. You can get different types of dentures in Bayside.

  • Full Dentures:

Full dentures are custom-made detachable substitutes for missing teeth. They are most suitable for when the teeth in the upper and lower areas are all removed. People who require full mouth dental extractions due to dental disease or damage can get complete dentures. The dentures are often attached to a flesh-colored rubber and placed on the gums. You would have to wait for your gums and jawbones to heal up before getting the full dentures.


  • Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures are slightly different from full dentures. Although they are also attached to flesh-colored plastic that fits the gums, they cannot stand alone without surrounding teeth. Unlike full dentures that can be placed without any surrounding teeth to support them, partial dentures require healthy neighboring teeth to support the dentures.

When Is The Appropriate Time To Get A Denture After Tooth Extraction?

Typically, dentures are fixed between 3-6 months after tooth extraction. That allows the gum tissues and teeth bone to heal properly before the dentures come in. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about your dental appearance and gums during the waiting period because your dentist would provide you with temporary or immediate dentures near you while your gums and teeth bone is on their healing process.

After your gums and bones heal entirely, your dentist will inform you about the date for your denture placement. Keep in mind that the healing process for each patient varies. Your denture placement depends on how fast and well your gums and bones heal up. Some patients might have to wait longer than others.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate or temporary dentures are often fixed when the dentists complete dental extraction. The immediate dentures are usually set to preserve your dental appearance and prevent the jaw from deteriorating. Normally, the jaw deteriorates after the teeth have been pulled out. The jaw bone and teeth are fused to form the facial structure. Hence, if one or more teeth are pulled out, the jaw bone will lose its balance and make your face look saggy. With immediate dentures, you would have to frequently visit our dentist in Bayside for refitting to allow the shrinking bone to adapt to the dentures before you get your permanent dentures.

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