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Eat & Be Merry With Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Does anything taste better than that first bite of your favorite dish?

It’s especially good when you’re eating it again for the first time in months or years. That’s an experience that patients with no teeth or traditional dentures have been able to enjoy with the benefit of full-mouth reconstruction.

You can eat the foods that you love once again with a little help from our team in Bayside, NY. To learn more, set up a consultation at Dental Expressions by calling 718-395-5331.

Bite Naturally Again

Having dentures can restore the appearance of your smile, but it’s not the same as having real teeth.

Research has shown that denture wearers can bite with about 20 to 25 percent of the power of someone with the full set of teeth. That’s better than nothing, but it also helps to explain why some foods are difficult if not impossible to eat with dentures.

A big part of the reason for that is something that’s happening below the gumline. You are losing bone in your jaw. As this happens, it changes the shape of your mouth, which lets denture move around more. That makes it harder to eat and speak without worrying about your “teeth” falling out.

Full-mouth reconstruction includes placing dental implants in your jawbone. Implants were developed to replace the roots of missing teeth. Implants can support and secure your dentures. This also creates a direct connection to your jawbone. That alone can prevent the bone loss that you will experience with traditional dentures.

It also creates a direct connection from your dentures to your jawbone that mimics the connection you once had with your natural teeth and your jaw. This can prevent the kind of bone loss we described above. It also means you can restore 80 percent or more of your biting power.

From a practical standpoint, it means you can eat the foods that you love again without worrying about your dentures coming loose.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

Having replacements that look, feel, and function like natural teeth can make a world of difference in your daily life.

When you have natural-looking teeth, that’s one less thing you’ll worry about in social and professional situations. When you have teeth that remain in place, you won’t be concerned about your dentures moving around as you try to order your food or share a funny story from your last vacation.

And as many of our patients can tell you, dining out is a much better experience when you can order anything you want on the menu.

Make A Change For Yourself

If you’ve grown tired of fighting with your denture or you want to avoid the problems we’ve mentioned above. Find out for yourself if full-mouth reconstruction can give you back what you’ve been missing.

Call Dental Expressions in Bayside, NY today at 718-395-5331 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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