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What Causes Darker Gums?

Many people believe that gum coloration is uniform for all people, but the color of one’s gums is actually unique and diverse as the people who have them. Most of the time, gum coloration is determined by the level of melatonin in the skin, but some oral conditions can be linked to patterns of discoloration in the gums. Thankfully, whether the concern with the color of one’s gums is cosmetic or medical in nature, there are treatments available. The best way to battle unnatural gum discoloration is by practicing good dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily is still the best-proven method of staving off any kind of dental bacteria or fungal invasions.

The main condition associated with this kind of gum discoloration is known as acute necrotizing periodontal disease. For this disease, the gum discoloration is deeper than the surface, becoming a darker color because the tissue is dying. Thankfully this affliction is relatively rare and can be prevented through regular dental checkups and routine dental care. Since unnatural discoloration of the gums is so uncommon, most the treatment is medical in nature rather than aesthetic. There are also a few noninvasive treatments that can cosmetically alter darker gums to bring out the pinker color underneath. Should the patient decide to pursue this type of procedure, the equipment used is similar to those used in skin and scar resurfacing techniques. The procedure involves a micro-laser, which takes off the outermost layer of skin containing the most pigmentation—the darker area of the gums. This reveals the pinker gum underneath, and after a remarkably short healing period, the gums should be a bright pink. Some of the original coloration can come back after the procedure, but it’s usually an incredibly small fraction and often towards the back of the mouth where the laser couldn’t reach as well. As a noninvasive procedure, many people have been satisfied with the results and how effortlessly it was conducted.

One can liken this procedure to a teeth whitening or really mild tattoo of the gum. It’s completely cosmetic in nature and due to the noninvasive nature, there is practically no risk of post-operation complications. The dental experts at Dr. Brams Dental Expressions have a proven method with their Erbium: YAG Laser, which streamlines the process and only requires the smallest dosage of anesthesia. Since this procedure is purely cosmetic in nature, it is best to discuss it with one’s dentist before pursuing it.

Smiles are like fingerprints, no two people have the same one. To preserve your beautiful smile or alter the color of your gums, get the best Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram. Call him today at 718-395-5331.

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