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9 Reasons to Choose Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram for all of Your Dental Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry Needs

Selecting the right dentist in Queens for your cosmetic or implants procedure can be a daunting task. After all, how can you really be sure that you are choosing the absolute best dentist for your particular needs?

At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, we do things quite differently from many other dental practices. It’s many of the subtle differences that make a big impact on our patients.

In this article, we’re going to share with you 9 reasons why we believe you should choose Dr. Bram and his team for all of your cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants, or other restorative dental procedures.

Whether you’re in the Bayside, Queens area (or even out of state or out of the country for that matter), we invite you to contact us and see how we may be able to help restore your smile and self-confidence!

1. Everything You Need for a Successful Dental Implants Procedure Under One Roof

Going around town visiting specialist after specialist can get old really quick. Instead of having to visit 2 or 3 different dental practices for your dental implant procedure, wouldn’t it be great if every step of the process was taken care of under one roof?

At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, it is.

Whether it’s the initial consultation and exam, digital scans, computer-guided implant technology, implant placement, bone grafting, or anything else related to dental implants, Dr. Gary Bram has the skills, experience, and required certifications to oversee every single aspect of your dental implants surgery, right from his office in Bayside.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and convenient procedures to all of our patients.

In order to do this, we’ve invested in the necessary training, certifications, and technology (not to mention countless hours of “real world” experience) to deliver a complete solution to our patients.

You visit one practice. You see one doctor. You get the results you are looking for. It’s a simple yet highly effective model, and it’s exactly what we do each and every day.

From your initial consultation, to your post-op appointment, to ongoing, routine care…we’ve got you covered.

2. Amazing Patient Stories & Reviews

When selecting the right dentist for your dental implants or cosmetic procedure, you’ve got to do your homework. There are a lot of dental practices that are great at marketing. However, having impeccable chair-side manner and following through on your promises…that’s what really matters.

Dr. Bram has patients who have moved out of the Bayside, Queens area, yet still make the trip to our office because they simply love him and his caring team of dental professionals.

We currently have 15+ videos on the page below (and are adding more month after month). If you would like to see what a few of our implant and cosmetic patients have to say about us, click the link below:

Patient Reviews

3. Comprehensive Smile Gallery

Choosing a dentist to work on your smile is a lot like choosing a remodeling contractor to work on your house; you want to see the before and afters!

Since we’re in the business of restoring smiles, we feel that showing potential patients the smile transformations we completed will get you excited and give you a better idea of what you have to look forward to.

Below, you’ll find a link to our Smile Gallery. You’ll see patients who’ve received dental implants, dark gums treatment, porcelain veneers, as well as a variety of other dental treatments.

We also want to note that none of these pictures are stock images. These are all before and after pictures of actual patients of Dr. Gary Bram.

4. One of the Leading Implant & Cosmetic Dentists in the Entire State of NY

While many dental practices offer dental implants, few dentists have the skills and expertise that Dr. Bram does. Here are just a few of the prestigious and professional dental organizations where Dr. Bram has membership:

  • Diplomat of the American Dental Implant Association
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association

In addition to this, Dr. Bram goes above and beyond the call of duty by participating in conferences and continuing education, specifically to broaden his knowledge and expertise in all facets of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dr. Bram also believes in helping people in developing nations get the care they need. As a result of this belief and conviction, he has spent time with Implant Seminars helping people in the Dominican Republic receive much needed dental care.

To read more about Dr. Bram, his work in the Dominican Republic, and his unique qualifications regarding dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, visit the page below:

Meet Dr. Bram

5. Leading Dental Technology that is Second to None

Highly dedicated to his practice, Dr. Bram perfected the technology for removing excess pigmentation in gum tissues. He became well versed in laser technology, which led to the development of a new alternative to standard gum grafting procedures. His laser treatment aims to eliminate any degree of melanin pigmentation problems without resorting to invasive procedures.

Patients who are suffering from dark gums (often described as purple, black, or brown gums) will benefit greatly from the gum bleaching procedure pioneered by Dr. Bram, as he is one of the only dentists in New York to offer the procedure.

Using a laser, Dr. Bram is able to provide a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting procedures, thus side-stepping potential health risks or side effects.

In addition to laser dentistry, we also provide computer-guided implants, which allows Dr. Bram to deliver implant services with the utmost precision and certainty due to the 3D imaging that guides the process.

If you would like to learn more about the laser technology or computer-guided dental implants technology that Dr. Bram uses, visit the pages below:

6. Committed to Matching Each Patient with the Right Procedu

While Dr. Bram is well-known for dental implants as well as a variety of cosmetic procedures, our priority is to match each patient with the procedure that best meets their needs.

During your initial consult, Dr. Bram will ask you about your treatment preference, lifestyle goals, budget, and more in order to make sure that we are matching you with, not only the best treatment option from a clinical perspective, but also the one that best fits your overall needs.

One of the many benefits of working with Dr. Bram is that we do not try to talk you into a particular treatment. Dr. Bram will consult with you, perform an examination, and ask you questions about your dental history to ensure the treatment plan is perfectly suited for your needs.

7. We provide Concierge Services to Out-of-State & International Patients

Think you need to live in Queens to visit Dr. Bram? Think again! Whether you’re considering dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, it’s a very important decision. Just because you don’t live near our practice doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider us for your procedure.

After all, the reality is that you are about to spend a significant amount of money, and just like any investment, you want to make sure you get a maximum return.

However, since you’re investing in your dental health, personal well-being, and overall happiness, it’s even more important that you invest wisely and choose the dentist that you feel will do the best job, regardless of where you live.

Since it’s quite common for patients to come from out of state (and even out of the country) to see Dr. Bram, we’ve made the entire process simple by providing full concierge services, including travel, transportation, and accommodations.

To learn more about the concierge services we provide for out-of-state and international patients, click here.

8. Dr. Bram is One of a Select Few Who Offers Laser Treatment for Dark Gums

Whether you call it dark gums, purple gums, black gums, brown gums, and so on, many people suffer from gums that have darkened over time. While keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, your gums are also an important component of your smile and self confidence.

At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, we provide what we call laser melanin depigmentation, more commonly referred to as gum bleaching.

During the gum bleaching procedure, Dr. Gram will use a laser in order to create a healthy, natural look to your gums. We are one of the only dental practices in New York to use the “Erbium: YAG Laser,” which is an advanced, minimally-invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting procedures.

If you would like to learn more about how this minimally-invasive treatment can restore your gums back to their healthy, natural look, click the link below to visit our dark gums treatment page:

9. A Caring Dentist & Wonderful Staff

Many of our patients say that Dr. Bram and his wonderful team are simply the best. Regardless of which procedure(s) you are interested in, you won’t find a more caring and knowledgeable dental team than our team at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram.

While our team may not be big, we are focused on treating each and every patient like a real person, not just a name in an appointment book. If you would like to meet our team, you can click the links below and see videos of our office manager, hygienist, dental assistant, and of course, Dr. Bram himself.

Meet Dr. Bram

Also, if you haven’t seen what our patients are saying about Dr. Bram and his team, you can view our patient videos here.

So what is your next step?

We hope that you see the value we bring to anyone who is considering dental implants surgery or cosmetic dentistry.

We sincerely believe that we have the most to offer of any dental practice you’ll see. We want you to consider us for your dental implants surgery or cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Please remember, you don’t have to go the rest of your life with low self-esteem due to dental issues. At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, we are not just in the dental business…we are in the business of restoring smiles and self confidence.

Seeing the look on a patient’s face when they see the result of their procedure is priceless. It’s what makes all of our jobs satisfying, and it’s why we want to see that same look on your face.

If you visit this page, you’ll see a form where you can contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and working with you to give you the smile you’ve always wanted…because it’s what we do around here!

Contact us here or give us a call today to schedule your dental implants or cosmetic dentistry consultation!

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