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6 Benefits of Dental Veneers You Should Know

Dental veneers are the thin porcelain layer that bonds to the tooth surface. Although plenty of people choose them for cosmetic purposes, porcelain veneers are also useful for restorative reasons. They are customizable for the shape, shade, and size of a person’s teeth. The installation process may differ depending on the type the patient fixes. Read below to get more details about this surgical procedure.

When Do You Need a Dental Veneer?

The following signs indicate the need for veneers:

Worn Down Teeth

It is common for the teeth to have wear and tear with age or due to bruxism. Frequent teeth grinding can result in further dental issues when ignored for a long. A porcelain veneer is a perfect option for those with severely worn-down teeth. They help restore the worn-down teeth appearance and ensure comfort when chewing food.

Uneven, Misaligned, or Strangely Shaped Teeth

If your teeth are uneven, irregularly shaped, or misaligned, getting a veneer is the best solution. The dentist near you can help you tailor the shade, shape, and size of the orthodontic device to offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Extremely Discolored or Stained Teeth

For people looking for more even and a white smile, porcelain veneers could help. The procedure will help you remove brown, yellow, and tan stains from the teeth.

Gaps Between the Teeth

Large or small gaps between the teeth make people ashamed when they smile or laugh and cause other issues. The cosmetic dentist at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram will evaluate your case and determine if dental veneers are a perfect fit.

Chipped, Broken, or Cracked Teeth

There are numerous reasons behind cracked, chipped or broken teeth. It includes falls or accidents, grinding teeth, biting down on hard substances, etc. Getting dental veneers in Bayside, NY is a great choice to fix these issues.

Application of Dental Veneers

Below are the steps included in the veneer process:


Firstly, the patient needs to fix a veneer consultation appointment. It helps the dentist evaluate the suitable candidacy for the procedure.

Digital Impressions

Now, the dentist Bayside NY will take digital impressions of the mouth using X-ray technology. Then, the expert will create a mock-up (a series of pictures) to show the patient how the results will appear.

Application of Veneer

Next, the cosmetic dentist will trim parts of the enamel from each tooth. It helps to make space for the dental veneer without affecting the bite. Then, using that enamel, he/she will make a putty mold of teeth. When the mold gets hard, the dentist will send this to the dental laboratory.

The lab technician uses 3D mapping technology for the veneer creation. Till the dental veneers arrive, the dentist prepares a temporary set and puts it in the mouth.

After the veneer comes from the lab, the dentist removes the temporary set. For this, the expert uses an acidic gel to create a rough area for it to bond well. Then, the dentist uses a special light to speed up the hardening process. After a few minutes, the veneers bond to the teeth permanently.

Pros of Dental Veneer

Let us discover the advantages of veneers:

Multiple Color Options

The cosmetic dentist can help to choose the shade of veneers that closely resembles the real teeth. It can also help turn dark teeth whiter.

Highly Durable

Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers are long-lasting and can stay for about 15 years.

Resistant to Stains

Since porcelain is ceramic and looks like glass, its surface is smooth. It also has stain-resistant qualities. So, after getting the porcelain veneer installed, you don’t need to worry about wine, coffee, or cigarette stains.

Offers a Realistic Appearance

Another advantage of porcelain veneers is that they look natural and realistic. Porcelain also has the same characteristics as tooth enamel.

Better Quality of Life

Getting veneers is a perfect solution to address cosmetic dental imperfections like discoloration, small gaps between teeth, or crooked teeth. The process helps to enhance the appearance and restore confidence. This internship offers a better quality of life.

Not Need Extensive Shaping

Unlike dental crowns, the veneer process does not require extensive shaping or even no teeth shaping.

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