Liz M. on how dental implants gave her a beautiful smile

I had some very bad experiences as a kid, and so then didn’t go into my early adult years and then needed to go desperately. What I do for a living, I needed to be able to talk to people, smile at people, and this was becoming difficult to get. My daughter went to Dr. Bram many years ago and said, “You need to go to him. He’s great.” So, I did. Even with Dr. Bram, I went through some major, major procedures. There was no pain. There was no discomfort. I cannot say enough how gentle, how kind, and how just so comforting that you always … I never came here with a dread like, “Uh-oh, here we go.” Even knowing what was coming up, it never bothered me. I said, “I’m fine. I could do this.”

I can’t be a day without teeth. I could never because I work, and I wasn’t. He met and made me bridges. He made this, he made that. I never walked out of here without any teeth or unable to talk or unable to smile. It’s just a very unusual find, he is. I think today still, it’s more about the money and it’s more about bragging about your dentist than caring about the patient still, and I know that from other people, and so I continue to say, “You have to go to Dr. Bram. It’s not the same.” People look at you, they know something’s different, not quite what it is, and then they say, “Your teeth are beautiful.” And I go, “Thank you.” And so, yeah, I never told anyone what I was going through, but yeah. It’s just … no, there’s no self-consciousness anymore, which I always was. No, it’s fine now.

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