Huguette B. on her full mouth reconstruction

Dr. Bram is adorable. He’s a really, very good person. He make you feel wonderful and he’s so good in working. You don’t feel anything. He make you comfortable, and he does a really wonderful work. Look at. I did have another implant before. But it was so bad done, that it fall down. There were a lot of money wasted because they didn’t put enough implants. So it fall down, and Dr. Bram has to redo it, and he do it even better. Not only that I feel very strong, but it looks wonderful. And I feel so good because he’s always checking what he’s doing. He take X-ray and he make it … The other one, they put … well, it’s two doctors – one put the implant, and the other doctor, the regular one, put the tooth. But they never checked. They put the implant: “Yeah, you ready.” Went to put the tooth. He put the tooth – one, two, three – and I was finished. With him, he checked and he checked and he checked, and you see that he is really competent and want to be sure of what he’s doing.

When I come here, I don’t come to the dentist. I come to see friends

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