April C. on how dental crowns have helped her find her smile

The first time I can here, they were very … the doctor was very knowledgeable in letting me know what he can do for me. I’ve never been happy with my smile. And he told me the options and it worked for me and I went with it. We did the porcelain. I had a root canal that was … I never could get the color right on the one tooth. So, we decided that in order to get that right may have to replace the four of my teeth, which we did and everything seemed to come out okay. I’m happy. I’m satisfied with it. Get a lot of compliments. My smile is much better. I mean I’m trying to get used to it, because I never used to smile before. And like I said I get a lot of compliments. So, I’m really pleased with the work he has done. You’re going to be happy with the results. That I can say I’m happy with my results and I would take a chance and call and make an appointment. He’s a great guy. He’s going to make you feel at home. There’s no doubt about that.

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