Bring Out Your Radiant Smile With Bayside, NY Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants to show off the best smile possible. Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram can renovate your dull, lackluster smile with teeth whitening in our Bayside, NY dentist office. Professional whitening treatment can help you:

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  • Create a brilliant smile that others will immediately notice.
  • Dramatically increase your confidence level in social settings.
  • Gain more respect in your professional life.
  • Improve your overall self-image.
  • Boost your drive to pursue new goals in life.

You can see a whiter, brighter smile soon! Call us today at 718-260-6175 to schedule an appointment. Get started on your new look at 35-34 Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens.

Let a Professional Whiten Your Teeth

Over time, your teeth can become gray and discolored, giving you a drab overall appearance. Smoking, as well as foods and beverages like berries, tomato-based products, coffee, tea, and wine, can all stain your teeth. The discoloration process is gradual, and you may not notice it until one day you wince a little when you see your smile in the mirror.

Getting a shiny new smile is easier than you think. As one of our premier cosmetic dentistry treatments, Dr. Bram’s professional teeth whitening can transform your smile and give you a fresh new look. Soon, looking in the mirror will make you grin and you’ll never want to hide your smile again!

Choose the Whitening Method That’s Best For You

In-office teeth whitening treatment is the fastest way to a brighter smile. The time-tested Zoom system is safe and can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in only 45 minutes! For quick and dramatic results, this is the option for you.

If you’d like more flexibility with your treatment, we also offer professional at-home whitening kits. You’ll get custom-fit trays and a concentrated whitening agent that you can use on your own schedule. Get whiter teeth while reading, watching a movie, or even soaking in the tub.

Both of our teeth whitening options are safer, faster, and more effective than store-bought kits that can irritate your gums and disappoint you with underwhelming results. If you want the brightest, most beautiful smile possible, our professional whitening treatment won’t disappoint you.

Call 718-260-6175 today and get your new smile with teeth whitening from Dr. Bram. You may also want to explore our other cosmetic options like Invisalign, dark gum treatment, or tooth bonding.

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