It’s Wonderful to Give Back to Veterans

It’s Wonderful to Give Back to Veterans

August 23, 2018

It’s a startling truth that at least 12 percent of America’s homeless population are veterans. In addition, only eight percent of our vets receive help from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or VA. Many do not get the treatment they need because of outdated criteria, long wait times, or inattentive staff. In fact, the number of homeless Vietnam veterans struggling today is more than the number of American soldiers who died in the war itself. This number doesn’t even include homeless veterans from subsequent wars and military engagements.

Dr. Bram and the team at Dental Expressions offer essential dental care for our veterans through the Smiles for Vets Program. Through this program, Dr. Gary Bram is offering U.S. veterans $500 off your implant placement and restoration!

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are secured to the jawbone allowing for crowns and bridges that are virtually indistinguishable from the look and function of your natural teeth. Rather than feeling embarrassed by their teeth or plagued by pain and infection, all veterans qualifying for this service can eat, talk, and laugh with confidence and improved health.

What is an abutment?

An abutment is a supporting element that adds strength and aids in creating an aesthetically appealing and firm crown or bridge. It is a screw-like component that adds to the stability of the overall procedure.

How can you take advantage of this program?

Timely and reliable dental care for our veterans has been difficult to obtain for far too long. The heroes that sacrificed so much for our freedom deserve nothing less than our immediate and complete support. If you are a veteran, or if someone close to you served our country, you can take advantage of this Smiles For Vets program and get $500 off your implant placement and restoration.

Getting the essential dental help for a veteran who needs it is as simple as a click or phone call. Contact Dr. Gary Bram and the Dental Expressions team at 718-395-5331 today to learn more.