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Can a Dental Emergency Necessitate a Tooth Removal?

Situations like severe pain, cracks, and massive breaks in your teeth may necessitate your dentist to remove your tooth. This is referred to as emergency tooth extraction, which implies that the affected tooth has to be removed to avoid putting the patient’s oral health at risk. Your emergency dentist may first try saving the tooth, but they will have to remove the affected tooth if this becomes impossible. It is vital that you visit your dentist when you experience severe pain in your tooth, as the dentist will determine whether or not you need an emergency tooth extraction. Let us look at the symptoms that may indicate emergency tooth extraction and whether a tooth can be pulled while infected.

Can A Tooth Be Pulled While Infected?

When your tooth has a severe infection, this may necessitate an emergency tooth extraction. This is because when there is an infection in your tooth, chances are the infection can spread to the tooth’s nerves and the surrounding gum area. In addition, bacteria from your mouth can go into your pulp and cause nerve damage. This is why tooth extraction is necessary to avoid further harm.

Your emergency dentist in Bayside must look for certain signs and symptoms to determine the severity of the infection and course of treatment. Because the symptoms vary from each person, only a qualified emergency dentist near you can assist in making a diagnosis. If the patient shows indications of infection, antibiotics are administered before the tooth extraction.

One symptom that indicates that your tooth should be pulled while infected is immense pain and swelling around the affected tooth. Toothache is a sign of bacterial infection, and the swelling can indicate that you have gum disease.

Another symptom that the emergency dentist near you will check is whether pus is coming out when they squeeze the affected area. This shows a severe infection, and the only way to save the other healthy teeth is to extract the affected tooth.

If the dentist in Bayside, NY carries out a dental x-ray and shows damage to the tooth’s roots, this might call for an emergency tooth extraction as failure to do so leads to nerve damage.

However, the existence of an acute infection marked by significant percussion pain is not a reason to pull a tooth. Infected teeth should be pulled as soon as feasible, and antibiotics should not be used to postpone the tooth extraction procedure.

Is Gum Infection an Emergency?

Gum disease is a long-term condition that gradually develops. As a result, it is rarely classified as an emergency. That isn’t to mean that gum disease should be overlooked or worsened. However, this long-term problem will ultimately cause symptoms that necessitate emergency dental treatment.

When you don’t clean your teeth properly and floss as advised by your dentist, there is a buildup of plaque. This leads to gum infection, which becomes very painful and cannot be controlled with over-the-counter medication.

Because it’s extremely difficult to predict how a gum infection will progress, each infection should be treated as an emergency. Any visible swelling in the gums, whether or not it causes pain, is harmful and should be treated immediately.

The objective of emergency therapy is to prevent the infection from spreading. Typically, this will involve the use of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. In emergencies, intravenous antibiotics and an incision and drainage operation, in which an oral surgeon makes an opening in the swollen area to allow the pus to drain out, may be required. This lessens pain and removes pressure.

It is never advisable to drain an abscess on your own at home. Opening a swollen area without using clean techniques and maintaining infection control worsens the situation.

Therefore, any gum infection should be treated as an emergency as the infection can spread to the bloodstream, causing septicemia.

It is important to note that a gum infection that causes a persistent toothache should be taken seriously. A big issue causes substantial bleeding, pus oozing between your gums and teeth, and swollen or puffy gums. If you experience these symptoms, it would be best if you visit Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram – Bayside, NY, where we can help with the gum infection, minimize the pain, and, where possible, save your tooth.

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